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Wardsboro, VT
United States

Heart Grown Wild is a Vermont based locally sourced, organic, wild-harvested, natural skincare company which strives to provide safe, chemical free, low essential oil skin, hair and body care products to our customers. Heart Grown Wild brings the beauty of the natural world into your skin.


Natural. Handcrafted. Herbal. Skincare. Bringing the beauty of the outside world, into your skin.

Veil of Love Face Serum


Veil of Love Face Serum


The Veil of Love Serum, a truly magical experience for your face. Featured in this serum are two plants that are not only nourishing and protecting your skin, but also are a powerful ally for those who have eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Queen Anne's Lace also known as Carrot Seed is especially beneficial for these conditions in this facial serum. Rose in color maintaining the integrity of the Rose and Rose-hip used, this serum is high in vitamin C and anti-aging benefits. Wrap your skin in a Veil of Love. 

Available in .5 oz and 2oz sizes

Ingredients: Carrot Seed, Calendula, Rose, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bulgarian Rose

To use as a cleanser: After gently cleansing skin with a washcloth, apply a dime size amount to the palm of your hand. Distribute the oil evenly on your hands and massage into dry skin for about one minute. With a warm or hot washcloth gently remove the oil from your face. Follow up with toner and nourish skin with serum. 

To use as serum: Following your cleansing and toning routine, apply one to two drops on your fingertips and massage into skin. Pay special attention to under eye area and other areas that need nourishment. 

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