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Wardsboro, VT
United States

Heart Grown Wild is a Vermont based locally sourced, organic, wild-harvested, natural skincare company which strives to provide safe, chemical free, low essential oil skin, hair and body care products to our customers. Heart Grown Wild brings the beauty of the natural world into your skin.


Natural. Handcrafted. Herbal. Skincare. Bringing the beauty of the outside world, into your skin.





MOONLIGHT•LUNAR•SOAK //Made of flowers, stardust + magic.  A cosmic flower blend of Blue Cornflower, Lavender, Pink Roses, Elderflower swirl in the bath and rise through the steam with earthy, floral notes of Patchouli and Neroli. Formulated to make your lunar light shine through - a dusting of 'stardust' is added to make the bath water and your skin sparkle. If only we all had an outdoor tub to soak underneath the stars! 

9oz reusable glass jar 

All Organic Ingredients// Pink Rose Petals, Lavender flowers, Elderflowers, Blue Cornflower, Patchouli, Neroli, Carrot Seed, Bulgarian Rose Epsom, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt , Pearl Mica Powder

Bathing Ritual// Take the time as the bath fills with warm water to ‘set the scene’. Add in any acoutrements or adornments to the soak that will make you ease into this personal retreat. Light some candles, straigthen up the bathroom so everything looks clean and inviting, fresh flowers, and last but not least any and all beverages. As the tub gets close to full, add a few sprinkles of Moonlight to the tub. Take a moment to swirl this soak into the water, watching the gold mica swirl and sparkle. When you are ready, slowly get into the tub, dunking your head under. Allow yourself to soak for at least 20 minutes. Once you are done, allow your skin to air dry to assure all the botanical magic soaks into your skin.

Suggested Pairings//

Our Tulsi Chai Body Oil or Natures Nectar Body Oil are perfect for a Self Massage hydrating ritual before or after this soak.

Keep a bottle of Prism of the Sun tubside to have as a refreshing// energetic cleansing mist while you soak

Any of our honey based masks will work even better while you soak into the tub due to their humectant quality// pulling in natural moisture from the air- leaving your face hydrated and rejuvenated after.

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